Table Shots ($500)

Create a great souvenir for each and every one of your guests.

Consists of 2 printers to ensure light fast printing.

Additional Printer ($120)

Twice the printers mean double the printing.

Suitable for your guests who enjoy taking photos in Big group

Customized Backdrop ($250)

Get your very own premium tension fabric backdrop design that you always wanted.

Customized Props ($80 / 6pcs)

Includes designing, printing, mounting on foam board and cutting to shape. Saves you a ton of time and effort!

Additional Templates ($150)

Get your guests to choose from different templates and print sizes. Each time they come back will be a fresh and exciting experience.

Green Screen ($100)

The green screen effect creates a whole new world of possibilities for your print design.

Live Projection ($100)

Share your guest’s happy moments on the large screen, keeping the banquet hall as lively as it can be!

Boomerang GIF ($200)

GIFs provide fun and interactive soft copies for your guests!

More Add-ons Coming Soon!

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